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Langkawi Island is not an overly large island. This means that you can actually get around the island easily although it is quite impossible to go on foot. When visiting Langkawi Island, it is very common that you will find many tourists renting cars and vehicles to get around from one site to another or just to get to the malls or convenience stores.

There are taxi services available but it might be too costly if you like to get around too much. Engaging a taxi service would be ideal if you spend most of your time at one place and only for single and return trips.

But if you like to go around the major attractions of Langkawi Island which are scattered across the island, then it would be best that you rent a vehicle.

Rental services are available in most hotels and resorts that you will stay in. You can either request from the operators to help you in booking a car or motorcycle or alternatively you can also look for the car rental operators which are available around the island.

Currently, the road network in Langkawi Island is being upgraded in stages but the roads here are efficient enough to get you around.

You will be greeted by car rental agents

If you come to Langkawi Island by ferry, you will be alighting from the Kuah Jetty where you will then be ‘greeted’ with countless car rental agents.

Some travellers would have made prior arrangements in Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis before taking the ferry here so you will find that the vehicles are already waiting for you. You just have to tell the agents or look for the right counter and make your payment or any other necessary arraignments.

Depending on the group of people you are travelling in and your requirements, you will then be able to choose between the different types of cars available. Be careful when you engage these agents here and if possible you should request to see the vehicle before agreeing to rent them.

Budget car rental in Langkawi

A compact car here would cost as low as RM30 per day and the rate goes up if you request larger vehicles. A deposit would be required and it could range from RM50 to RM100 again, depending on the model and make of the car.

If you are flying into Langkawi Island, you will be touching down at the Langkawi International Airport located around the western side of the island. The same procedure would be required although it is less crowded. There are numerous car rental counters operating in the airport and you can easily engage any of the operators to have your car rental needs fulfilled.

Most people would rent a standard sedan car which will start from as low as RM50 per day like the local Proton Wira while all the car rental operators would also offer MPVs like the Toyota Avanza and compact cars like Perodua Kancil as well.

If you require to rent for more days, you can actually bargain for a cheaper rate which the operators would be happy to comply. Don’t agree to the first counter you approach and if you got time, take a while to shop around before agreeing with any operator.

Car rental companies in Langkawi

Persatuan Pemandu @ Tuan Empunya Kereta Sewa Daerah Langkawi
Phone: 6049551800
Address: Lapangan Terbang Langkawi Lpc6 Jln Padang Matsirat Padang Mat Sirat 07000 Kuah 07000 Malaysia, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, 07000