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One thing about Langkawi island is that it has a lot of eagles. The name Langkawi is also said to have been derived from the eagles. Helang is the local word for Eagles. So it is only natural that you get to see a lot of eagles flying about the skies here.

They are there, day in and day out and during the afternoon, it is just a great sight to behold.

If you are in the island, the first place you will arrive to by boat is Eagle Square or Dataran Lang in Malay. This is where you are greeted by a huge eagle statue with wings spanned wide apart on a concrete platform.

Known locally as Dataran Lang, it is both magnificent as well as welcoming as the eagle sits on a star shaped platform which seemed to be so appropriate.

It is located around the Kuah jetty and this is where you will be able to visit the many bridges, ponds, restaurants as well as souvenir shops here.

Feast yourselves at the restaurants in Dataran LangĀ and enjoy the scenery and views while shop around for souvenirs. While it looks so alive during the day, it is at night when it illuminates that is a lot more majestic than it is.