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Among one of the local favourite hang-out spots is the Hot Wok Café. Strategically situated opposite Semarak Beach Resort, the café serves authentic Chinese delicacies and Western cuisines. The café is usually jam-packed after sunset.

A German Restaurant, Backofen is located within walking distance from the Hot Wok Café. The signature bratwurst and tasty sausage are the best in the menu. There is another German restaurant located in Langkawi – Beach Garden & Bistro serving German cuisine and guests can order liquor overlooking the azure blue sea.

Lovebirds loved to dine at La Sal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar for the romantic atmosphere is soothing and ideal for them to profess their love. Guests can choose to sit under the covered courtyard or in the terrace next to the piano and library.

So while you are dining with your loved ones, romantic love songs will entertain you throughout the night. Of course, great Asian food and Western fare will fill your belly. You can also choose to relax and unwind by ordering your preferred cocktail from the menu selection.

Foreigners who would like to try local Malay cuisines must head down to Champor Champor Restaurant & Bar. Bringing you the perennial Malaysian cuisine satay, it is completely different from the ones available in Kajang. Dining in this beautifully designed restaurant leaves you with unforgettable experience.

Fresh Seafood in Langkawi

The freshest seafood is available here at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant at reasonable prices. Since the restaurant is always crowded when the night falls, it is best if you can dine early in the evening. Guests will definitely love the varieties available in the extensive menu.

Other than the restaurants in Langkawi in Pantai Cenang, there are also several dining hotspots located in Pantai Tengah. Among some of the more popular bistros serving great food with excellent atmosphere are Lighthouse Restaurant, Hoya’s Café, White Sand Seafood Restaurant, Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant and The Eagle’s Nest.

White Sand is one of the most popular seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood cooked in Chinese-style at reasonable price. Situated along the road to Teluk Baru, you can enquire about the price of dishes before ordering.

After eating local delights and Western cuisines, you shall try fine fare at Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant prepared by Japanese chefs. Overlooking picturesque Andaman Sea, the restaurant is located right in the middle of Langkawi Island.

On another note, Hoya’s Café and Eagle’s Nest are located nearby one another. So perhaps, you should grab your breakfast at Hoya’s Café before heading down to Eagle’s Nest for lunch. Hoys’s Café brings you delicious Danish pastries and other Western delights.

Finally, it is time to stop by Kuah town for authentic local delights and other Western food. Another famous Chinese-style seafood is available at Restaurant Langkawi. You can select and pick shellfish, prawns, squids and crabs from the menu selection dipped with special sauces prepared by the chefs.

Last stop of the day, Barn Thai serving spicy Thai food is an elegantly designed restaurant offering in-house live jazz entertainment for guests. Before you reach the restaurant, guests must walk a distance of 500 metre via a long walkway/bridge built by the restaurant.

Take note though that it can be quite costly depending on what dish you are ordering at these places while there could be some restaurants which charge exorbitant fees for shrimps and lobsters.

Local Snacks in Langkawi

If you are one who likes the traditional Malay-style cuisine, then there are more than enough choices to choose from here. There are many stalls located along the major spots of Langkawi including on around the Underwater World.

Here is where you can savor the morning breakfast of the locally popular Nasi Lemak wrapped with banana leaf which is around RM2 for a pack. Order a Teh Tarik which means ‘Pull Tea’ and you pretty much have a complete local breakfast. At Rafi’s Place in Pantai Cenang, you can also have a meal like this at around RM4.

Nasi Kandar is a typical Indian rice serving with many types of accompanying dishes like chicken, beef, curry and vegetables. It is one of the local favourites and you can try it out at Tomato Nasi Kandar. Breakfast here is a common crowd puller so it might be a bit challenging to find a place to sit.

Apart from the rice dishes, the standard half boiled eggs and Roti Canai is also offered. For a taste of the most authentic Malay style dining, Restoran Fatimah could be quite an ideal location to go because here is where one can try out all the local dishes amidst the traditional settings inside the restaurant.

Other food options in Langkawi

There are many cafes and pubs around Langkawi island which offers alternatives in terms of food. Here is where you will find that such outlets are mainly catered to those who would like more comfortable and ‘western’ style of dining.

At the Babylon Mat Lounge & BBQ in Pantai Cenang, the ambience is excellent because you basically dine on the beach with candles on the low table for companion. Music is played and occasionally a live band performs too.

At Cenang Boat Quay, one can enjoy a combination of eastern and western cuisine through the menu that offers many types of pizza available.

Apart from that, you can also try out the German sausages here while they also serve local dishes and snacks too. For the foreigners who would like a beach side pub, then the Beach Garden Resort’s Beer Garden is a great place to hang out.

Price of beer here is cheaper from 3pm to 7pm which is their Happy Hours and they have some very nice western and local dishes here.

At the Difiqa, you can enjoy a great place to hang out while enjoying the local Roti Canai here. This place is typically a café that serves great coffee. The Champor Champur is another cool place to go if you like fusion dishes where the Dutch-Malaysian couple owners provides a great atmosphere in its premises.

Restoran Haji Ramli is a place where you can try out the Nasi Campur. Here is where you will be able to enjoy the economical style food where you can pick and choose from a variety of dishes placed out before you.

It opens until around 1am at night although the rice is only available during the day. If you are craving for seafood, then the Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant is quite the right place to go because seafood here is very fresh and it comes with a great water view too. The restaurant operates from 11am to 3pm for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for dinner.

At the Sun Café, one can enjoy a relaxing place where you can try out their combination of Malaysian and Italian cuisine. Here is where you can take your pick on the delicious dishes churned out by the experienced chef here while enjoying a host of drinks that include fruit juice, coffee and tea as well as mocktails.

For those who would like to try out Arabic and middle eastern dishes, the Telaga Arabic Cafe and Restaurant is a great choice because it comes with an indoor area as well as a coinciding outdoor area for those who like to enjoy the sea breeze and natural surroundings.