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Apart from the beautiful landscapes and lush surroundings of Langkawi Island, you will also find that the island is rich with culture and heritage. Hence, it is very common for you to find a lot of arts and crafts around Langkawi including a world class gallery and performances too.

Langkawi Island offers an ideal place where you can indulge and learn more about the local cultures of Malaysia from batik to songket, food and dances and many more. One of the very unique attractions here is located at the Craft Cultural Complex where you can witness a spectacular art form called glass blowing.

The Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing is a truly rewarding experience where you can see how glass souvenir and items are shaped through this unique skill. Essentially, you will find a wide variety of items and objects like trophies, glassware, tableware, decorative items and many more, all of which are made through this intricate metod.

The amazing craft making skills of the personnel here will surely mesmerize you with their methods that manufactures some of the most exciting items and of the highest quality. You could also try out glass blowing for yourself and bring home a self-made souvenir.

Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing was established in 2002 where it has become one of the major attractions in Langkawi Island, especially for visitors who like to learn more about the local culture and such. The centuries-old techniques have been adopted and today, there are among some of the most perfected methods in the region.
Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing
Tel: 604- 9594885