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A charity event to raise funds for the victims of the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami tragedy was held in Langkawi island recently. The event entitled “Japan! We Care! – Charity Dinner” successfully raised RM27,618 which took place at the Chenang Boat Quay Restaurant.

According to Pat Wright, the event chairman, it was a touching event with more than 300 people extending their help to attend and help the victims of the tragedy.

Pat was in Japan a few days before the March 11 tragedy and was impressed with the environment and the people there and when she heard about the tragedy decided to run the event to help those affected.

Spread from word of mouth in Langkawi

Gathering a few of her friends, they spread the word about the fundraiser and it did not take long for volunteers from all over the island to come forward to help out.

Most of the volunteers were from the Japanese community in the island and during the event, they wore their traditional kimono attire where they attended to the guests and visitors of the event.

There was a speech by one of the volunteers while a slide show displaying images of the tragedy were shown throughout the night. A symbolic act of throwing flowers into the sea also took place.