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In a recent fundraising event at the Jarvis House in Chenang in Langkawi, some 70 people attended which started at 2pm until 5pm.

The event was called ‘Garden Party’ which involved various activities like a bonsai demonstration, selling of items as well as English cream tea and scones among others.

Items for sale were basically donated by individuals and businesses that included CDs, books and clothes.

The event was held to attract the locals as well as tourists to Langkawi island which was organized by the Langkawi Charity Club.

Helping poor folks in Langkawi

According to the house owner, Lyn Jarvis who is also the Treasurer of the club, there was a healthy mixture of people who attended the event that included the locals as well as the expatriates there.

The club is formed by a group of people who works towards improving the livelihood of the island’s underprivileged families.

They have been involved with various programmes which usually raise funds for these families that include ‘Sponsor a School Child’ and ‘Adopt a Family’ programmes among others.

At the event, the people did what the English did when they had cream tea with scone which the club announced that the visitors were very happy as they had a great time out.