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Langkawi Island is known for its white sandy beaches, rich rainforests and the pristine and beautiful sea surrounding it. If you are visiting Langkawi Island, you will find yourself immersing yourself in all the available activities and attractions located around the island. If you are to try and do everything available in Langkawi Island, you will find that you will need to spend more than just a few days here.

The most common activities available around Langkawi Island would surely be water sports like jet-skiiing, para-gliding and snorkelling while you can also indulge in lots of duty-free shopping at the malls and retail outlets. Alternatively, some would go into the jungles and forests for trekking or towards the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls for a peaceful and quiet moment with nature.

A unique recreation activity here at Langkawi Island is Go-Karting. This is where you can enjoy racing on the karts at the Morac International Karting Circuit where you can have a blasting time out-racing one another in the track with others or with your friends and families. Go-Karting is great recreational activity especially if you are coming in a group which can ensure everyone gets involved and have great fun together.

The Langkawi Morac International Karting Circuit is open from 10am to 7pm daily located in Padang Mat Sirat. Here is where you can enjoy the 0.96km track on the karts where it has previously played host to many international races. Designed to be an international karting track, you will find that the Morac International Karting Circuit offers a great place of fun for everyone where you can experience an almost-real racing session with standard karts rental at RM35 per person for 10 laps. If you prefer, there are faster karts which are more expensive like the YamahaKart KT100 which can be rented for RM100.