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Awarded ‘The Longest Free Span Single Rope Cable Car’ by Malaysia Book of Records, another must visit attraction when you are in Langkawi is to experience the unforgettable thrill at the cable car system.

You need to drive approximately 30 minutes from Kuah town to reach this attraction ideally located at a themed-shopping centre within specially designed buildings to showcase a balance mixture of Malaysian and Oriental architecture known as Oriental Village.

Visitors must first get to the base station located at the Oriental Village. From here, the cable car will glide up the cool and picturesque Machincang range.

The modern gondolas will ensure one have a pleasant and memorable experience on the Langkawi Cable Car. As the gondolas move forward up the hill, you’ll witness the breathtaking view of the surroundings lush greenery, the beautiful sea and cascading Telaga Tujuh waterfalls.

Magnificent views from the top

As the gondolas glide above the enchanting rainforests, you’ll be able to catch sights of hornbills, birds and eagles.

When the gondolas reach the middle station after gliding around 1, 700 metres in length, you’ll now witness the stunning view of distinctive rock formations geological features formed 500 million years ago.

When you reach the middle station, you’ll be able to walk to the viewing platform and enjoy the beautiful view of the main islands and scrutinize the lush greenery at close range. The gondolas will then transport you another 450 metres to the top station.

From the top station, visitors once again can climb up the stairs leading to two viewing platforms perched atop Machincang Hill. You’ll definitely enjoy the pleasing and unique features of Machincang where the rock tower peaks offer 360 degree views of Langkawi islands as well as Kedah and Southern Thailand on a beautiful clear day.

This is one of the many highlights available on your trip to Langkawi. Get some refreshments and snacks at a café located at the top station while enjoying the cool breeze and looking far off the coast.

Jungle Trekking in Langkawi

Besides enjoying a thrilling ride at the Langkawi cable car system, adventurous visitors can also participate in other activity available such as jungle trekking.

The jungle track with 2.5 kilometres in length is linked to other attractions such as Telaga Tujuh cascading waterfalls as well as the middle station. Along the track, trekkers can observe different species of flora at Machincang forest reserve.

The management has also built a 20-minute track that leads from top station to middle station to allow visitors to explore the valleys. Another feature available here is the 125 metres curve platform linking top station and Machincang mountain range.

The pedestrian bridge was opened to the public on February 2005. It clinched several awards since it made its debut in 2005 due to its distinctive design.

Address: Panorama Langkawi Cable Car, Jln Teluk Burau, 07000 Kuah, Kedah
Phone: 04-959 4225