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The Langkawi Canopy Adventure is one of the most interesting recreation activities when you visit Langkawi Island. It is a great way to get away from the hot scorching sun and the waters where you will be immersed and inducted into the natural and rich rainforest of the island for a few hours at least.

The Langkawi Canopy Adventure was built by the late Juergen Zimmerman and his wife Sabariah Mohamad who provided visitors to get from one point to another hovering on top the tree-canopy of steel cables.

This is very much the ‘flying fox’ activity where you move around on special runners attached to a climbing harness that you need to wear. At the Langkawi Canopy Adventure, you will enjoy a time out from the swimming and snorkelling where you can be up, close and personal with nature at its best.

The Langkawi Canopy Adventure basically let you ‘air trek’ from a tree to another while enjoying the natural sights and sounds of the rainforest here known to be one of the oldest in the world. This is where you would be elevated above the ground and you will be walking around and among birds, trees and insects roaming around the forest.

If you are into adventure and would like to explore the trees and its natural surroundings, take some time out here where you will spend about 2 hours or more to complete the 7-stage trek.

A memorable adventure activity

You will find a truly memorable visit here in which you will glide, swing, abseil and walk along some of the most beautiful natural spots in the world.

The Langkawi Canopy Adventure is open and catered to everyone, from the beginner to the expert so you need not have to worry if you are new to this type of adventure.

A short training and briefing will be provided before you start and before long, you will find yourself gliding through one of the only 2 canopy trails in the world.