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As an island, Langkawi enjoys the natural sea breeze and winds. As it is located within Peninsular Malaysia, it enjoys the same climate as the country which is tropical climate.

Its natural location also ensures that Langkawi has one of the most stable weather for an island in the country. Langkawi island is located off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca.

The island of Langkawi enjoys sunlight and torrential rain throughout the year, very much like the rest of Peninsular Malaysia. However, it differs with other islands because of its geographical location.

On the eastern side of Langkawi is the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia while on the eastern side of the island is the Sumatra island of Indonesia.

This means that Langkawi Island is protected and shielded from strong winds and storms that are commonly found in the seas which give it an ideal climate for staying and visiting.

Due to this reason, Langkawi Island is suitable for visiting throughout the year as you can expect great weather and perfect climate for travelling into the island.

Enjoy the sun and sea breeze

You will find that the weather in Langkawi is great for you to enjoy the sun and the sea during the day while the nights are cooling and peaceful. On top of that, you also get occasional rainfall when it gets extremely hot while the sea breeze that comes into the land from the waters can also be very pleasing.

Langkawi island is a great tourist destination because it does not have overly drastic weather and temperature. This makes it easy for you to pack your clothes because you can very much prepare what to wear during the day and the night.

You will be able to enjoy a consistent temperature during the day where it ranges between 30 to 35 degrees Celcius while during the night, it gets cooler with temperature between 27 to 29 degrees Celcius. This means that you can basically wear light clothing anytime of the day throughout the year.

In terms of rainfall, the months between September and October has the highest recorded rainfall due to the monsoon winds that bring the waters.

Despite this, rainfall is frequent and highest throughout the year but not overly heavy which means you only need to find some raincoat or umbrella which would be sufficient.

Rainfall with hot weather

Between the months of April to August, you can enjoy a more balanced weather of sunshine with some occasional rainfall. The months between November to March are known to be the hotter ones with February recording the highest temperature although it is not scorching hot weather.

If you are looking for the best time to travel to Langkawi Island, it would be anytime although the months of April to August are known to be better among other months as it has lesser rainfall, if you do not like to stay indoors or go out when it is raining.

You can also take note that because the temperature in Langkawi Island is very consistent, you basically can visit the island just about anytime of the year where you only need to be prepared with an umbrella or a rain coat.