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There are two well known mountains in the heart of Langkawi Island, Gunung Raya and Gunung Mat Cincang. Added to the two and appearing to separate them is a hill called Bukit Sawar. If you look hard at Gunung Mat Cincang located at 700m above sea level, you can actually see it is smiling to its 850m high neighbour, Gunung Raya (the island’s highest mountain).

Gunung Mat Cincang – A Walk in the Clouds

The legendary Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak was believed to have been once a being named Mat Cincang who turned himself into a mountain. Fables aside, today the mountain rises in a spectacular skyline of crags that glow pink in the sunset and is part of the Mat Cincang Range which comprises of some of the oldest rock formations in Malaysia, dated about 2,400 million years old.

The Machinchang mountain range is located on the north-western part of Langkawi Island. It is testimony to the oldest geology found in Malaysia. It consists of 450 million year old metamorphosed rock, around which a unique ecological habitat has developed over the centuries.

‘Controlled and unobtrusive access to Gunung Machinchang’ is the objective of this geo-eco tourism project, to enable visitors to partake in the glories of nature; those of: geology, fauna, flora, spectacular sunsets and other weather formations, without damaging the natural equilibrium.

Hence, careful planning went into all facets of the project. 
1. cable car selection (electrically powered system, powered from the bottom station)
2. route alignment (fewest towers possible),
3. to architecture (unobtrusive, light and organic; mountain stations are powered by solar/diesel hybrid energy),
4. construction (using a working cable and helicopter to carry all the building material up to the mountain,
only felling trees absolutely necessary) as well as to the choice of walkways (natural timber boardwalks that are elevated so as not to incise in the ground).

Of the two stations atop this mountain of legends, the peak station has to be the more spectacular, given its strategic location as well as the 360º panorama viewing platforms.

Consciously designed with compass-like indications every 10 degrees to facilitate orientation, they present unique vantage points from where to take in the surrounding.