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Pulau Payar in Langkawi island is one of the islands located off the coast of the duty free destination. It is located along the Malacca Straits about 30km towards the south of Langkawi.

One of the most popular tourist destinations around here, it covers 4 small islands which are Pulau Payar which is the largest among all, Pulau Lembu, Pulau Segantan and Pulau Kaca. The cool thing about these islands here is that they are largely inhabited.

There are no developments here which means that you will not be able to find much accommodation here. There are officers from the Fisheries Department around the islands here though who are here to enforce the no fishing law.

Therefore, if you are into the nature and would like to enjoy and experience the unspoilt attractions of what the islands have to offer, then you could come here and set up your own camp. There are a lot of things to adhere to though where a prior permission from the Alor Setar Fisheries Department need to be obtained.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

The Pulau Payar Marine Park is the most common place here which can be reached either through Kuah on Langkawi Island, Kuala Kedah or from Penang. Most hotels and resorts would provide packages to this spot known for many activities including scuba diving and snorkeling.

The marine park is highly recommended for sea lovers. You really won’t be disappointed with the enchanting coral reefs in the shallow ocean habitats.

Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the coast while sun basking under the hot sun. The calm and tranquil crystal clear water allow vacationers to appreciate the marine life without disturbance.

Furthermore, the average 30 to 50 feet visibility of waters at the marine park makes it a perfect spot for divers all the time. Perhaps, if you aren’t up to exciting water sports, you can take a stroll down the four golden sandy beaches while enjoying the breeze overlooking the crystal clear water.

Highlight of the marine park is the spectacular sight of Coral Garden located on the south western tip of the clusters of islands. Brightly multi-coloured soft corals will mesmerize and amaze you.

On top of that, there are also artificial reefs to add ‘colour’ to the scene. And in the shallow and warm waters in front of the marine park centre, visitors can feed tame baby black-tip sharks.