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The Rasa Vacation Home is one of the many accommodation choices operating in the beautiful shores of Langkawi Island. This is where you will find some of the most spectacular rooms which are specifically designed in Balinese motif where you will enjoy some of the most luxurious and comfortable places around Langkawi Island.

There are 10 unique rooms to choose from at the Rasa Vacation Home where you will be staying within the realms of Pantai Cenang which is one of the most popular beach areas of Langkawi.

Here is where you will find rooms which could accommodate up to 4 guests comfortably and you will be staying within walking distance to the major areas here.

Walking distance to major areas

The beach is only 5 minutes’ walk away from the Rasa Vacation Home while you can also head up to the commercial and retail area for some shopping at the main street of Pantai Cenang or enjoy a great meal at the several restaurants and cafes there.

Apart from that, there are also spas and souvenir shops for you to wander around or you can just laze around the beach for some fun under the sun and the sea.

If you like, you can also go around towards other part of Langkawi Island where you can take a tour to the Mangrove areas or visit the Pulau Payar Marine Park.

The uniqueness of the rooms in Rasa Vacation Home is that, you can practically drive to its doorstep. Inside the rooms, you will surely enjoy the Balinese design while take your time to indulge in the in-room facilities like the Astro television channel, a private balcony as well as fully-furnished environment.

Apart from that you can also enjoy other amenities like your own sofa place, air-conditioning, a mini-bar as well as a dry kitchen while food can be found at the Rasa Restaurant.


Rasa vacation Home

Jalan Pantai Cenang,

07000 Langkawi,

Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

Tel: 019-410 6002

Fax: 6 04 955 4940

Email: info.rasa@rasavacationhome.com