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Being a duty-free zone, Langkawi island welcomes thousands of visitors and tourists to its shore each year. This makes Langkawi an extremely attractive option for real estate and property investors.

One of the major reasons that makes Langkawi Island such an exciting place to invest in is because of its naturally rich surrounding apart from being one of Malaysia’s main tourist destinations, it is also well-known around the world especially since being granted the World Geopark status by UNESCO recently.

This has increased visitors to Langkawi Island by leaps and bounds while the cost of living here is considered to be quite low too.

Langkawi Island is also very well located geographically because it is ‘protected’ by 2 mainlands. On the east is Peninsular Malaysia while on the west is the Sumatra island of Indonesia. This means that Langkawi Island is sheltered from extreme weather like storms and winds and floods.

If you are planning to invest or buy property in Langkawi Island, there are also many options available where Kuah Town remains as the main commercial area here. The town is conveniently situated which also houses the main Tourist Information Centre.

It is also here that you will find the Kuah Jetty which serves the ferry operations that come from the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia while it also has a 205 berth marina centre which was recently built. Kuah Town is also home to some of the major shopping malls and retail outlets.

If you own a property in Kuah Town, you can be assured of rental because tourists and visitors would be constantly coming here looking for accommodation options.

Langkawi Growing Industry

Despite the high traffic of tourists into Langkawi Island, it is still very much a growing industry here. Resorts and hotels are available throughout the island but the recent trend which is growing in popularity are the demand for private villas and homestays which means that there are huge potential for home and property owners here.

Some of the restrictions that deter people from buying property in Langkawi Island is the fact that a large portion of the land in Langkawi Island are Malay Reserve Lands as stipulated by the Malay Reservations Enactments. However, there are actually provisions for foreigners or other communities to purchase these lands and own them if they are planning to build a villa and such.

Among all the property owners in Langkawi Island, Singaporeans are one of the larger portions. This is largely due to the low cost of living as well as the natural surroundings of the island which is a common attraction for Singaporeans.

Apart from that, foreigners from other countries like Thailand and Vietnam coming to Langkawi Island to buy property have also been growing.

Condominiums and Apartments in Langkawi Island

In Langkawi Island, condominiums and apartments are widely available although it is still very much a growing sector. This is where you will be able to find these units available mostly around the commercial areas like Kuah Town.

Serviced Apartments are the most demanded property as visitors usually come in groups and families and would like to have a hassle-free trip. If you are planning to invest in a condominium, it is most ideal to buy those which are conveniently located like that within the town centre, nearby to the shopping malls and eating outlets.

Houses and landed property in Langkawi

Land in Langkawi are very much controlled and as mentioned, they are reserves for Malays while you can also apply for a title change and ownership here. With the growing demand for hometays and villas, for a good return on investment when buying houses and landed property in Langkawi Island, you will have to ensure that the location is convenient.

This is very important because tourists would not like to travel too far to find the public amenities around the island. There are also numerous housing projects and developments located around the beach areas like Pantai Cenang and as such, it would be best to buy property around these areas.

When investing in property in Langkawi, the most important factor you want to consider is its return on investment. Residential areas are located around the island and hence, unless you are planning to settle down here, it is very important that there are potential market for your property to be rented out throughout the year in order to guarantee good returns.