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Langkawi Island recently held the Sepak Raga Tuju Competition in conjunction with the Langkawi Water Festival 2011 recenlty. The Sepak Raga is one of the oldest sports among the Malay community which started off some 600 years ago during the Malacca Sultanate.

It uses a rattan ball which is kicked around by a group of players to avoid it hitting the ground where it  has evolved so well that today, a synthetic ball is used and the game is competed in the international levels.

Sepak Raga differs from that of Sepak Takraw as it is played in a circle while Takraw is played between 2 opposing teams on opposite sides of the court.

Sepak raga team from Malaysia

The game was played recently on April 16 during the festival where 27 teams participated in the competition. Among them, 17 of the teams were from the mainline while the other 10 were local teams from the island.

Organized and run by the Kelab Sepak Raga Mahsuri Langkawi, it was deemed a successful outing for all who were involved as everyone had a good time competing and enjoying the skills and techniques of the players.

Perda A which was from the mainland won the competition while the second and third places were won by Sanlang Planet B and Sanlang Planet C teams.