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Langkawi island is very much known for its attractions particularly in the marine sector. This means you will like the seaside resorts, the marine exhibitions, the aquatic life and many more.

It also has its own natural attractions where you can go into the woods and perhaps enjoy a time out in the greens and rich vegetation.

One such place you must visit is the Seven Wells Waterfall or known locally as the Telaga Tujuh. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls in the country.

The legendary story behind Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

Seven Wells is also known for its legenderay stories where it is told that the pools at the top of the falls were used by fairies for bathing, according to the local folklore here.

To get to the falls, you must come to Pantai Kok where if you are renting a car, you will need to park your car for RM2 and RM1 for motorbikes.

From there, you will have to walk up the steps and you will reach the falls shortly. There are in total 638 steps here but you will find that it will all be worthwhile when you reach the falls.

Furthermore, there are rest areas along the way where you can take your time and take breaks and enjoy the nature’s calling here. Once you reach the 90m falls, you can then enjoy a dip or bathe around here or just enjoy a session out in the woods.